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Critical Illness Cover

A critical illness plan could provide a lump sum or monthly income in the event of you being diagnosed with a serious illness during the term of your policy. They can be arranged as a standalone policy or as an added feature to a life assurance plan.

As a consequence of suffering a serious illness, frequently individuals face big changes in their lifestyle. Often an inability to earn the same salary as before the illness, and the potential requirement to pay for the necessary adaptations to your home or for the additional costs of medical treatment, can cause financial difficulties. You’ve worked hard to provide financial security but without adequate protection you could be taking unnecessary risks with you and your family’s future financial wellbeing.

Critical illness cover is perhaps the most valuable of all protection plans given that we are statistically four times more likely to suffer a serious illness than to die before retirement

The true value of advice

The comprehensiveness of critical illness policies vary greatly from one provider to the next. The differences between provider’s critical illness plans can range from the number of conditions covered through to the actual definition of what constitutes a valid critical illness claim (some providers are more stringent than others).

With access to critical illness plans from leading protection companies, Cooper Associates Ltd advisers take into account many factors in addition to the cost of the plan. The number of critical illnesses covered, the definition of what actually constitutes a valid critical illness claim and the medical underwriting criteria are just some of the factors taken into account when making a recommendation tailored to your circumstances.

Our advisers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and follow strict codes of conduct, so you’re much better protected if you buy through an adviser than if you buy without advice.

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