Finance Calculators

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A quick and easy way to calculate your mortgage payments and the effects of any overpayments you may wish to make.

Use our Stamp Duty calculator to get an estimate of how much Stamp Duty Land Tax you'll need to pay on your new home/property.

Find out how much you might be able to borrow on your residential mortgage based on your income.

Use this calculator as a guide to the rental income a lender will require for the loan secured against your investment property.

Use this calculator to determine how much a lender will allow you to borrow based on the value and rental income of your property.

Our equity release calculator can help you find out how much equity you might be able to release from your home.

This calculator will help you to decide on an appropriate amount of cover for a key person in your business.

Use this quick calculator to see if your loved ones could face a tax bill after you're gone.

Do you know how much you’re spending each month compared to your income? This calculator can help you find out.

See how you could reach your investment goals with our handy Investment calculator.

Our calculator gives you an idea of how much life cover you should consider based on the information you supply.

This repayment calculator will help you determine how much of your monthly payment will go towards capital and how much will go towards interest.