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Free-falling fundraising for the Cooper Associates Foundation

This is your chance to sponsor five of our financial advisers who are jumping out of a plane at 15,000 ft to raise funds for the Cooper Associations Foundation.

Martyn Cole, Simon Dawes, Hannah Freeland, Jonathan Southgate and Ellis Watkins will take the plunge by skydiving from a plane taking off from Dunkeswell Airfield on the 21st February.

Our focus within the charity is to give back to our local community. We wish to make a positive impact to lives of children and young adults who are suffering from illnesses, disabilities or are disadvantaged.

Below each of our advisors share their motivations behind their daredevil fundraising.

Martyn Cole:

“As a big supporter of the Cooper Associates Foundation and all that it does to support local charities, I am excited to play my part in fundraising. Any donations are welcomed, and every single penny I raise will be going directly to the Foundation, helping all those in need of support.”

Donate to Martyn’s Just Giving page

Simon Dawes:

“For me this opportunity is about raising money for really valuable causes in the local area supported by the Cooper Associates Foundation. I know all of the money will go to help people who are disadvantaged to put them in a better position than they are in now.”

Donate to Simon’s Just Giving page

Hannah Freeland:

“I set myself a new year’s resolution to push myself out of my comfort zone. A sky dive is certainly one way of doing that as I face one of my biggest fears. The fact I get to help those who are less fortunate is a major added bonus.”

Donate to Hannah’s Just Giving page

Jonathan Southgate:

“The Cooper Associates Foundation, and all that it stands for, means a lot to me, having been a child who struggled with a potentially life changing illness. I was in and out of hospital from a young age, but through an intensive course of drug treatments, I was fortunate to go on and lead a healthy and fulfilling life. I appreciate that not everyone is that lucky, so when the opportunity arose to do a fundraising skydive, I leapt at the chance.”

Donate to Jonathan’s Just Giving page

Ellis Watkins:

“My motivation for doing the skydive is to simply do my part in fundraising for the Cooper Associates Foundation. Every single penny raised goes towards helping local charities that will significantly benefit from the funding, and help those in need of support.”

Donate to Ellis’ Just Giving page

With Tom Abell, the captain of Somerset CCC, as a Trustee we hope to raise the profile of our charitable foundation to maximise the support we can give. We aim to help small to medium sized charities than can benefit substantially from the fundraising we donate. All our Foundation’s administrative costs are covered so every penny we raise goes directly to the charities we support. Our central Just Giving donation page can be explored here.

For more information on how to get support for your charity, click here. We encourage local charities who are looking for support to contact us via where we can provide details about our current themes and funding criteria.

Jordan Cooper

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