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Finance Education for Schools!

Finance education is so important, and unfortunately, we do not see enough of it.

Occasionally we have to give first-time buyers bad news and it is normally the news that they have not passed a lender’s credit check. Upon investigating further, we often find the applicant remembering past issues that they just didn’t think about mentioning. These can range from missed bill payments at university, to missed mobile phone contract payments. We understand most people have blips, however, we are always saddened when we hear “but i didn’t think it mattered”.

On the contrast we also have to deliver bad news when we can’t establish a credit record for our client. This can happen because they haven’t registered on the electoral roll or they have never had any form of credit or borrowing. Either way, our client is at a loss.

To try and avoid these scenarios, Cooper Associates will be visiting various schools across Somerset to provide simple, honest, finance education. We want the next generation to understand why it is important to control your finances, and the implications further down the line of not.

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