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Five reasons why you should use an independent mortgage adviser

The advantages of using the services of an independent mortgage firm are vast but the following five reasons provide a summary of the key benefits:

Access to mortgage products from the whole of the market

An independent mortgage adviser is not restricted to a limited number of mortgage products and can therefore make a recommendation from the whole of the market. This ensures the product being recommended to the client is the most appropriate and not just the most appropriate available.

Access to exclusive mortgage products which are not available on the high street

Many lenders offer exclusive products which are only available through an independent mortgage advisory firm.

Access to mortgage lenders not available directly to the customer

Some mortgage lenders deal exclusively with independent mortgage advisory firms and not directly with the consumer.

A thorough understanding of the varying lending criteria of different mortgage lenders

Knowing which lenders will lend in a given situation is of paramount importance. With application fees varying from zero to £1,400, mortgage advice includes more than just looking at the lowest interest rate. If you have recently gone self-employed, or you are looking to buy an unusual property, an independent mortgage adviser will be able to give you the specialist advice you require.


An independent mortgage adviser will know the timescale it takes a lender to process your application, something which can be incredibly important when purchasing or raising funds. Cooper Associates act quickly and efficiently, all with the aim of providing a service that is unparalleled.

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