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Cooper Associates Mortgage Adviser To Run 3 Marathons in 3 days

Owen Irish, a Mortgage Adviser at Cooper Associates Mortgages, has set himself a significant challenge, where he will complete 3 marathons in 3 days in June.

Owen will start by running a marathon from Land’s End on Saturday 9 June. The following day Owen will run a marathon starting from Newquay and on Monday 11 June Owen will complete his third and final marathon, finishing at our Taunton office.

Owen’s challenge is the first to raise funds for the Cooper Associates Foundation, our newly formed charitable division which is dedicated to raising funds for good causes within our community.

The Cooper Associates Foundation has agreed to donate all funds raised as a result of Owen’s challenge to The Josh Evans Trust Fund, a cause very dear to Owen’s heart, as Owen explains:

‘The challenge I have set myself is not an easy one! I wanted to do something which will challenge me and get me outside my comfort zone! I am a keen sportsman but running 3 marathons in 3 days is no easy task. It is a significant challenge and I hope people will support me by being generous with their donations. I joined Cooper Associates in September 2016 and, when they announced they were forming the Cooper Associates Foundation it spurred me into action. I am delighted the Cooper Associates Foundation has agreed to support The Josh Evans Trust Fund.

Josh Evans was a childhood friend of mine who I knew from our primary school days. As we grew up we became work colleagues and I always enjoyed his company. Throughout his childhood Josh managed his diabetes, which never stopped him from doing the things he loved. Tragically Josh Evans was killed on 24 October 2008 in a car accident whilst driving, as a result of suffering a hypoglycaemic attack. He was aged twenty-one.

Josh’s family created The Josh Evans Trust Fund, working tirelessly to carry on Josh’s enthusiasm for enjoying life, by helping others with diabetes, specifically children and their families in Somerset. This trust has been established in Josh’s memory and I am delighted to support their fantastic work.

On a personal level, I met my wife Charlie two days after Josh’s passing at a gathering of his many friends where we consoled each other and talked about the good times we shared. I had never met Charlie before and we have now been together for ten years and have a son called Hugo. Charlie and myself both feel we have gained from such a tragic experience and I am keen to give something back and support the charity formed in Josh’s memory.’

Owen’s challenge has received the support of Tom Abell, Somerset CCC captain.

You can donate to Owen’s fundraising page at

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