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Six new recruits for Cooper Associates Academy

Cooper Associates is delighted to announce the appointments of six new employees who have joined our Academy programme.

Oliver Teal, Hannah Freeland, Oliver McGeown, Ross Harrison, Sasha Reed and Ellis Watkins will receive a rigorous in-house training programme, providing them with the skills, knowledge and experience required to achieve their qualifications and become a mortgage adviser.

Oliver Teal was employed by a leading insurance broker, where he held a client facing role. Previously, Oliver worked as an oil trader in London.

Hannah previously worked in the insurance industry, where she was employed by one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers in a business development role.

Oliver McGeown worked for a regional insurance broker, where he was part of the business development team. Oliver also has experience working in the telecommunications industry.

Ross has previous management experience from roles within the health and fitness sector, working for some of the UK’s leading health club brands.

Sasha previously held management positions within the health care sector, where she was responsible for managing young individuals with severely complex needs, epilepsy, autism and learning disabilities.

Ellis has a background in the transfer of residential property, helping a variety of clients throughout the South West.

Samantha Jackson, Managing Director of Cooper Associates Group, commented:

‘“We are delighted to welcome Hannah, Ross, Oliver, Sasha, Oliver and Ellis to our Academy programme. It is always an exciting time when new staff join our business and we wish them every success in their careers at Cooper Associates. The Academy is the lifeblood of our business, providing us with our advisers of the future, enabling us to deliver on our growth strategy.’

six new Academy recruits

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